About Us

From Then to Now

In the beginning there was One KJ (Karaoke Jockey) with few shows, a few dollars in pocket, a Dream in his Heart, and the passion and drive to become one of the greatest Entertainment Company around.


With Patrick "Polar Pat" Gordon at the helm. He commands an incredible sense of balance for Singer and background music, due in part Degree in Audio Production and his 17 years of Sound Engineering experience. Often looking lost in thought, he is actually mixing the sound for every singer & song.

"Every Show is a Concert, and Every Singer is a RockStar."


Savannah R.

June 17th, 2018

"Polar pat works well under pressure, he knows just what to play. He has the best crowd interaction by far. He made my wedding day amazing I will definitely be hiring him again."

Makalya C.

Oct 21st, 2018

"I highly recommend Polar Pat. He has a great sound, great prices, professional, and of course, entertaining! He can ALWAYS get the crowd to interact! He really made my wedding day a day to remember by doing what he does best. He always knows just what to play to keep things running smoothly and to keep the party rolling."

Nessa R.

Nov 16th, 2018

"Patrick just did our wedding on November 10th and the sound was great since our ceremony was outside he also did our reception and did a great job made it very personal and everybody had so much fun thank you Patrick for all of your help "

Jimmy D.

Dec 23rd, 2018 

"Polar Pat is a great KJ. He keeps the crowd engaged, he adjusts the audio, and always has a smile on his face." 

Adrian S.

Aug 24th, 2018

"Great sound, great people. definitely the best karaoke in town! "

Josh P.

Oct 30th, 2017

"Best KJ in N. CO! Fun and professional! No shortage of songs and great rotations!"